Practice Parameters for the Use of Spinal Cord Stimulation in the Treatment of Chronic Neuropathic Pain

Choosing a Pulse Generator

What factors dictate the choice of stimulator/power generator?

  • The patient's ability to control the device, which can be limited by age (too young) or age-related infirmity (too old).
  • During implantation in children who have yet to reach their full stature, provisions for growth should be considered.
  • The amount of power required, which influences battery depletion and might be a factor even for rechargeable batteries, which must eventually be replaced.
  • Patient convenience
  • Patient cosmetic concerns

Generators have multiple outputs connected to individual electrode contacts.  Most deliver single-channel (as opposed to multi-channel) stimulation; that is, they cannot simultaneously deliver different voltage or current levels to different electrode contacts, although they might do so sequentially.

Strength of recommendation Evidence source(s)/rationale
N/A -- information only N/A -- see Bibliography for relevant literature

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